Top 5 Tips on Choosing The Right Couch

With so many suite options to choose from it’s so difficult to make that final decision. You might think you know what you want but once you start to browse online or in store with so many different styles and shapes it can become overwhelming!

Here are some top tips from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets:

1. Size is important.

Couch and room size is important when contemplating the type of couch you want to go for! A smaller room doesn’t always mean less seating space – it’s just about finding the right fit for your room. Always bring your measurements with you when selecting a suite. There’s a few things to think about; how much of the room do you want the suite to occupy? Will you also want to add a statement rug, a beautiful sideboard or coffee table to the mix; or are you working around existing pieces in the room? Always look for couch measurements when shopping in store or online.

2.Orientation and Shape.

This really depends on how you spend your time in a space. Do you like to relax in front of the TV with your feet up? A nice recliner or chaise unit would be perfect! Do you love being the host with the most? Maybe a curved corner suite with a central coffee table or more family focused – surrounding your couch with multiple seating areas such as bean bags; big cushions or plush rugs. The shape or angle of the couch can be tailored to suit your needs.

3. Material.

Choose which is better for you but ultimately something that provides functionality for your lifestyle. Leather sofas are consistently in style and wear well with age (and are generally child friendly!) but always remember there are different levels of leather so do ask before you buy! Beautiful soft fabrics with vibrant colours are the in style this season and many come with stain resistant fabric.

4. Colour.

The choice is endless and most good furniture stores will have a swatch book to go with the suite to match your finish. Don’t be afraid of colour! Some couches are the centre of your room so you can build the room around it. If you don’t want to experiment pick a neutral colour and use cushions to change with the seasons, a brightly coloured swivel chair to match, a funky rug or colourful ottoman.

5. Style.

Last but not least. Choose a style that goes with your room and your gut instinct. Your space should reflect your style. If you are like modern styles go for clean lines; or fading leather for the vintage look.