Re-invent a room… accessory at a time!

Coco Channel famously advised women that “when accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on”, prudent words from the queen of French couture. This truly demonstrates how focussed the world of fashion is when it comes to accessories to ensure beautiful clothing looks even better but what about the fashion of furniture and home interiors?

Here at Corcoran’s we think everyone should take the same approach to our home interiors as we all do to the serious business of fashion. If an accessory can change an outfit what can an accessory add to a room? A pop of colour, a dash of light or the illusion created by a well-positioned mirror are just some of the small tricks that accessories can play a part in when it comes to re-inventing a room.

In home interiors there are certain times in everyone’s life when you will invest in key statement pieces, be it the 3 piece suite, the beautiful sleigh bed or the much longed for wooden flooring. We fully understand that in the cycle of your home interiors these key buys happen over a number of years however for many the key frustration in home interiors is wanting to change a room but on a smaller scale investment.

This summer throughout all our stores in Corcorans Furniture & Carpets Ltd we are focussing on a fantastic range of accessories so you can truly wow everyone by changing a room just by accessorizing. In store we have a fantastic range of pictures that give a truly contemporary feel to a room and can enhance the current colour scheme or to shake it up by adding a wild pop of colour. When choosing colours be brave as a picture with high impact colour will add light and impact to a room, especially if you trying to brighten up a room.

Previously in interiors there would have been a core colour scheme and this was featured throughout the room however the fun thing now is that clash or contrast is all in. So in this you can choose a completely different colour to your theme in the room and yet compliment the feel and flow of the room.

Lighting is so fundamental to the mood of a room and throughout our accessory range we have a wide choice of lamps available at fantastic prices. The look and feel of a room in the evening with lamps can heavily contrast to a daytime feel and with lamps you can draw in the warmth and intimacy of a room. Play around with lighting and lamps, place it in a number of different places throughout the room to get a sense of where it impacts most. Lamps are such a flexible accessory, if you wish to change the look of a room from winter to summer add a different colour lamp shade.

Mirrors play a huge part in our accessory range as they add such a dimension to a room. We have a wide range of mirrors to choose from, highly ornate to more streamlined muted styles. Mirrors add such depth to a room and whereas for many years they were purely functional now they are one of the key statement pieces you can add to a room. Similar to lamps move the mirror around to a number of different places in the room, see how it catches the light and how it angles the room.

So this summer there is no excuse not to reinvent a room, drop in to us in any of our four stores in Corcorans Furniture & Carpets Ltd where we would be delighted to help. Our in-house interior team will help you to make the right choice for your home and just like us you will be re-inventing your rooms one accessory at a time.