Buying a mattress can be an arduous task with so many options and endless terminology from Pocket Springs to Memory Foam and everything in between. The most important thing to remember when choosing the right mattress is comfort, comfort, comfort…

The key factors influencing your mattress decision:

  • The Pocket Spring count of your mattress which gives support &
  • The mattress material which can range from Gel, Memory Foam to Natural Latex or a combination for comfort

Some definitions to help you understand your choice:

POCKET SPRUNG contains individual springs, each sewn into its own pocket of fabric. This provides much more support and comfort than the conventional Coil Spring Mattress. The higher the amount of pocket springs the better the support.

MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS MATERIAL is made from a hi-tech material which softens and molds to body heat, reduces pressure points and increases comfort by providing a warm and cushioned sleeping surface.

GEL MATTRESS MATERIAL has become increasingly common in recent years due to demand for “cooler” sleep. They use gel in the comfort layer of the mattress. The gel comes in many forms, from layers of pure gel to surrounding pocket springs.

LATEX MATTRESS MATERIAL can be found in the comfort layer, support layer or both. Latex offers similar conforming ability to Memory Foam, but is easier for changing sleep positions. One of the biggest “selling points” of natural latex is that it is a healthy and safe material to sleep on.

1.Decide on a budget! Prices of mattresses vary. The most expensive may not always be the best for you.
2. Try the mattress! Go instore, look around and ask questions. Staff are there to assist you with any queries.
3. Aim for the highest spring count you can afford. (Add some amazing Pocket Spring Pillows!)
4. Understand the composition of your mattress but choose the most comfortable for you.
5. If you already have a base or frame, make sure you bring your measurements with you mattress shopping!

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